All are foundation bred with "NO" Impressive blood lines


Supernova is EE/Aa/Dd/nCR and 5-Panel Tested N/N   

Royal Ash is EE/aa/Dd/nCR and 5-Panel Tested N/N

1) SunQuest Magnolia (Smokey Black) Mare,  price is $2,000.00 Pictures Pedigree

2) SunQuest Toys R Us (Blue Grullo) Mare,  price is $3,000.00 Pictures Pedigree

3) SunQuest Samantha B (Red Dun) Filly, price is $2,000.00 Pictures Pedigree

4) SunQuest Lady Ann (Red Dun) Mare, price is $2,000.00 Pictures Pedigree

5) SunQuest Royal Ash (Silver Grullo) Filly (Disease 5-Panel tested N/N and Homz. for the black gene- EE/aa/nCR/Dd), price is $4,000.00 Pictures Pedigree

6) SunQuest Coolndunit (Silver Grullo) Mare, Special Price $2,000.00 Pictures Pedigree


Filly born 4-26-2015
Dam: Sunquest Joana Ark (Slate Grullo)
Sire: Sunquest Half Pint(Dunskin)- Grndson of Magnolia Dunny


EE/Aa/Dd/nCR - "Nova" is homozygous for the black gene(she will never produce a solid red foal) heterozygous for the agouti and heterozygous for the dun gene (carries 1 copy of the dun gene and  1 copy of the cream gene). "Nova" is NEGATIVE (N/N) for all the AQHA Genetic Disease 5-PANEL. All tests are done by Animal Genetics Lab. "Nova" is 92.4% foundation with no white and loud dun factor on legs, dorsal and ribs coming off her back. She is big thick with lots of muscle, good bone and excellent conformation a halter quality head with fox ears. This filly will take you to the winners circle in Dun Factor and color class for sure. She is easy to work with and has a great disposition. Her Golden Color and loud Dun Factor is just icing on the cake. Add this to her being Homz. Black and 5-panel disease tested negative she will make a great athletic show horse and later added to your breading program. Many of our customers buy from our breeding program and take there horse to the show ring as dun factor, halter, trail, and cow class performers. Our bloodlines back year of accomplished roping, cutting reining, jumpers, and western pleasure and most importantly, general trail riding for any person. Pictures Price $1,800.00


Gelding born 4-27-2015 
Dam: Sunquest Landy Ann (Red Dun/Sorrel) - Own daughter of Samantha B Hill
Sire: Sunquest Halfpint (Dunskin)- Own son of Sunquest Whisky Hill


 Excalibur is Buckskin in color with 2 white socks on hind legs with a small strip and snip on face. He has been handled since birth where he leads, ties, pick up his feet and loads in the trailer. Excalibur should mature to 15.1hh and weight around 1200 lbs. He will make a great roper as a header or heeler or every day ranch horse. Pictures  Price $900.00

SUNQUEST ROYAL MIST (Palomino with Dorsal)

Filly born 9-26-08
Dam: SunQuest Royal Zeb (Buckskin/dun) - Daughter of Pretty Buck Zeb
Sire: SunQuest Toys Soldier (Silver Grullo)


"Misty" is a palomino with a dorsal and zebra stripes on her legs. She is gold in color if kept out of the sun with a very white main and tail. She is very easy going and has mature to 15 hh and weights around 1250 lbs. "Misty" should be 96.97% FQHA and 92.87% NFQHA foundation bred, this is not official. Look at her pictures or call for more information. Pictures
Special Price $2,000.00


Filly born 3-29-2007
Dam: Sunquest Magnolia (Smokey Black) - Gr.Daughter of Magnolia Dunny
Sire: Sunquest Toy Solider(Grullo) - Son of Slick Rock Toy


"Joanna Ark" is a slate grullo mare. Sold   Pictures  


Mare born 4-3-2000
Dam: Sunquest Onto Heaven (Buckskin) - Daughter of Sunquest Whisky Hill
Sire: Dr Cutter Bill (Bay) - Son of Doc O'Lena x Doc Bar


"Lena" Yes you are right she is out of Dr Cutter Bill (2 NCHA points) x Doc O'Lena himself. You have Cutter Bill and Buddy Dexter on her papers also. Her Dam is 92.3% NFQHA and her sire is up in the 90% also, she is as foundation as they come. She loads, leads, trims, and ties with no fuss and easy to catch. You can pasture breed her or hand. "NO" she is not broke to ride, but I believe she would not be hard to break. Pictures  Price $1,500.00


Mare born 1-10-1998
Dam: Poco Miss Chance (Gray) - Goes back to "Mr Poco Jo"
Sire: Sunquest Boot Hill (Gray/Dun) - ABRA World Champion Stallion


"Chance" is a very big girl, she stands 15.2 hh tall and weights every bit 1500 lbs. "Chance" is a dun/gray, she has all the dun-factor points but she is a gray. We have pasture or hand bred her, she takes every time. She does have a cloud in one of her eyes but she can still see out of it. We are selling her as a broodmare only, she is not broke to ride. She loads, leads, and we have trimmed her feet. She has produce grullo's, red dun's or dun/gray's. Pictures
Special Price $900.00


Mare born 12-19-1996
Dam: Magnoila Shebby (Buckskin) - Own daughter of Magnoila Dunny(143 Hlt.,134 Pf Points)
Sire: Sunquest Whisky Hill (Grullo) - ABRA Rsv. World Champion Stallion


"Ham" is the friendliest mare, catch her anywhere, load, ties, trims. She is 14.3 hh tall and weights around 1300 lbs. Nice thick/straight legs and great feet. Ham is not broke to ride, but I do not think it would take much to do so. She is very easy to get along with and very easy to breed hand or pasture. She is the grand daughter of Magnoila Dunny himself (143 halter point and 134.5 Pf points AQHA). She has produced buckskin/dun foals for us that are very cowy and will sure work for you in the arena. "Ham" is 95 FQHA and 92.3% NFQHA and this is official. Pictures  Special Price $900.00

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