Mares (NEW Prices)

                            These mares are not bred, unless otherwise noted.

SunQuest Cutter Lena - (Bay/Dun) sire: bay, dam: buckskin/dun - -  For Sale $1,500.00 
SunQuest Magnolia - (Smoky Black) sire: grullo, dam: buckskin - -  For Sale $2,000.00 
SunQuest Toys R Us - (Silver Grullo) sire: grullo, dam: grullo - -  For Sale $3,000.00  
SunQuest Lady Ann - (Red Dun/Sorrel) sire: grullo, dam: red dun - - For Sale $2,000.00 
SunQuest Royal Ash - (Silver Grullo)sire: bk/dun, dam: bk/dun - -For Sale $4,000.00 
SunQuest Samantha B - (Red Dun) sire: grullo, dam: red dun - - For Sale $2,000.00 
SunQuest Supernova - (Buckskin/Dun) sire: Dunskin, dam: Grullo - - For Sale $2,500.00 

To see the stallions these mares can be bred to look on the Additional Information page link

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